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📢Don't Miss RMS Performance Workshop Series (Violin , Piano)

Performance Workshop Series

RMS is proud to present our new Performance Workshops series!

"Prepare, Practice, Perform!"

Date: May 14, 2022 Time: 11am - 12pm (By Zoom) Members: FREE Non-Members: $10 Are you a violinist who wants to practice efficiently? Teacher Maria Demcak will teach about how to break up practices and manage time before a performance or exam. You will have the opportunity to set some practice goals, learn how to warm up, perform in front of the class and receive feedback from teacher Maria Demcak! PS: Please prepare a piece to perform during the workshop. It can be a piece that you are half ready or fully-prepared to demonstrate!

About Teacher Maria Demcak:

Maria Demcak graduated with a Master’s degree from The Juilliard School’s Historical Performance program, where she trained and performed on stages from Paris to New Zealand with world-renowned musicians and directors. As a classically trained violinist with a strong traditional folk background from her Slovak heritage, Ms. Demcak performs music from the Baroque and Classical eras with zest and improvisational freedom, compelled by a search for enchantment and magic in all the music that she plays.

To Register: Please click here.

Sight Reading Success

Date: May 29, 2022

Time: 11am to 12pm (By Zoom)

Members: FREE

Non-members: $10

Do you want to read notes faster and become better at sight-reading? The ability to sight-read with confidence and accuracy is an important musical skill and gives us the unlimited potential to help us learn pieces quickly. In this workshop, we will be studying a popular piece using the STAR method to help us recognize patterns and chords faster with Teacher Dorothy Mills.

About Teacher Dorothy Mills:

After receiving her ARCT piano performance diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music with first-class honours, Dorothy Mills began her career as a piano teacher, accompanist, and collaborator. She then received Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia and with a minor in Child Psychology. She continued to study the many methods of teaching where she emphasizes the importance of musicianship in her classes.

Ms. Mills offers quality music lessons for youths and adults in a variety of genres. Her teaching method incorporates classical, jazz, and popular methods for a well-rounded musical education. She teaches and focuses on the importance of mastering proper technique and developing good practice habits to bring musicians to their next level. Ms. Mills continues to instill the joy of music into all her students while catering to each individual student’s unique musical interests.

To Register: Please click here.

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