Virtual Vocal Boot Camp

Do you LOVE to sing? Come and join our Virtual Vocal Boot Camp (VVBC). This program is designed for children ages 5-12.  Students learn to develop a basic and thorough understanding of the vocal instrument – our beautiful voice! – through an exploration of vocal techniques on breathing, voice placement, and resonance. The aspect of technical development is coupled with vocalises, classical and popular repertoire, and musicianship training to help students become well-rounded singers and musicians! Learn to sing popular classics such as music from Sound of Music, and music from Disney favorites such as Frozen, Mulan, Lion King, and more! 




Date:  January 4- March 29, 2022


Beginner:  Level 1-3 (Tues), 345-445pm

Welcome to the beginning of your vocal journey! In the first 3 levels of the Virtual Vocal Boot Camp, students will engage their singing, listening appreciation, and musicianship skills through an exploration of songs from Disney movie classics, and Broadway for Children classics like The Sound of Music, Matilda, and more.


Technical goals will be adjusted based on student experiences, but with the main focus being on developing basic skills in the following aspects of the voice: a) proper breathing posture and alignment; b) initial diaphragmatic breathing motions; c) initial development of the upper, middle and lower vocal registers; and d) basic resonance and tone production.


Fee per student: $250 per 12-week session* (Tues), 5-6pm


Intermediate: Level 4-5


With only 2 levels, the intermediate course focuses on the application of basic technique on selected musical theatre repertoire. Songs explored will be taken from classical and contemporary Broadway musicals  like The King and I, Annie, Les miserables, etc. 


Technical goals on breathing, phonation, and resonance will continue from the previous levels, with a strong emphasis on a) sustained tone production; b) vowel resonance development; and c) increased breath support and resonance balance. Students will also be introduced to a new vocal aspect: Expression, with a main focus on dynamic levels, agility, range expansion, and musical phrasing.

Fee per student:  $280 per 12-week session* (TBC)

Advanced: Level 6-8

In these final levels of the Virtual Vocal Boot Camp, students will be encouraged to fully apply the technical and repertoire understanding from the previous levels into TWO new song genres: Classical vs. Pop.


Technical goals will consist of the same vocal aspects with a heavy emphasis on self-application through a selected repertoire chosen together by the student and teacher. Level 8 will include a final introduction of a new topic: Diction, which will focus on singing with proper pronunciation from ONE of the following foreign languages: Italian, German, and/or French, which is to be decided together by the students and teacher.


Fee per student:  $300 per 12-week session* (TBC)

*Note: An annual membership fee of $50.00 per household applies. Membership registered after January 1 is prorated to $25.00. This membership is a prerequisite to registration and covers the academic year.