Virtual Vocal Boot Camp

Virtual Vocal Boot Camp aims to provide in-depth technical and artistic training in the art of singing for children. This three-level program is designed to develop a basic and thorough understanding of the vocal instrument – our beautiful voice! – through an exploration of vocal techniques on breathing, voice placement, and resonance. The aspect of technical development is coupled with vocalises, classical and popular repertoire, and musicianship training to help students become well-rounded singers and musicians! 


Beginner: Level 1  (April 6 to June 22, 2021)  - Registration Open Now!

The first 8 weeks of lessons will focus on the basic knowledge and skills on breath control, vocal onsets, and finding resonance. These technical requirements will be applied to selected folk song and duet assignments. The remaining 4 lessons will cover the beginning stages of sight-singing through an introduction to solfege and takadimi techniques with beginner vocalise exercises and singing games!


Fee per student: $250 per 12 week session*


Intermediate: Level 2  (April 6 to June 22, 2021) - one spot available still

Level 2 will continue with the technical developments from the previous level, with the main focus on resonance balance, tone placement, and breath control. Students will apply these techniques as they study vocal works by Mozart, Schubert, Faurè and other selected composers. Over the 12 weeks, students will also be assigned weekly listening assignments of art songs, opera arias, musical theatre, and popular repertoire to develop their music appreciation skills.


The latter part of level 2 will continue with takadimi techniques and focus on solfege for chromatic harmonies and harmonic modulations. Students will also begin the initial development on ear-training as they will learn to recognize tone qualities, intervals, chords, chords progressions, and cadences.


Fee per student:  $280 per 12 week session*

Advanced: Level 3

The advanced level will encompass all of the technical developments students have studied in the previous two levels. This final level course will be divided into 2 parts: the first part will consist of lessons on solo and ensemble performance techniques, in which listening assignments will continue, but emphasis will be placed on repertoire preparation for the final performance submissions via video/Zoom (TBD). Students will be asked to put together a 10 minute program by picking any songs from the classical, musical theatre, and/or popular repertoire they have listened to or studied in the previous levels.


The second part of the course will continue with musicianship skills training, in which students will be offered mock exams at the end of the course on musicianship and technical tests corresponding to ABRSM Gr. 4-6/RCM Gr. 6-8 requirements.


Fee per student:  $300 per 12 week session*

*Note: An annual membership fee of $50.00 per household applies. Membership registered after January 1 is prorated to $25.00. This membership is a prerequisite to registration and covers the academic year.


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