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Musical Theatre ABRSM Syllabus

Explore the art of musical theatre with lessons tailored to the ABRSM syllabus. Please contact our office for more details and schedule for private lessons or semi-private lessons. 

Read on for information from ABRSM and click here to learn more:

Why take an exam in Singing for Musical Theatre?


Musical theatre is a vibrant and energetic contemporary art form, popular with increasing numbers of performers, young and old. Singers specialising in this dynamic genre now have the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification with ABRSM. Our exams connect progress, achievement and motivation – so you can take to the stage with confidence.

With our new Singing for Musical Theatre exams you perform the songs you love, while developing musical skills that will help you flourish in rehearsal, audition and performance situations. Along the way you’ll also gain valuable interrelated skills – not just for music making but for life.

ABRSM Chief Examiner, John Holmes says:


“As with the development of all our syllabuses, we have taken great care to create a clear, well-structured progressive pathway through the assessment of this popular genre. Singing for Musical Theatre exams are new to ABRSM’s exam offer, and new in terms of what’s available out there, but familiar in terms of what we do best - providing reliable milestones of musical achievement, marked according to solid, well-established principles."

*Note: An annual membership fee of $50.00 per household applies. Membership registered after January 1 is prorated to $25.00. This membership is a prerequisite to registration and covers the academic year.
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