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Introducing RMS Performance Workshop Series

The Richmond Music School is proud to present a new RMS Performance Workshop Series hosted by our esteemed faculty open to our members and non-members . We aim to present a series of workshops throughout the year and feature a different faculty member each workshop. Each workshop is aimed share experience, knowledge, and skills relating to performance such as etiquette, memorization, practice tips, and some will include mini masterclass.

Here is a preview of what associate faculty member Arthur Wang has to offer in his upcoming workshop sessions. Arthur was recognized as one of Canada's “hot classical musicians under 30” by CBC Music, was a winner of international competitions, and currently studies at The Julliard School.

Liszt-Bellini - Reminiscences de Norma: "This is a piece I hold quite dear to my heart, and though I have yet to perform it since the pandemic, I still vividly recall the adrenaline rushes I felt while performing this. This particular performance was part of the final round of the Young Concert Artists International Auditions, Personally, my main focus was to emphasize the bel canto singing style of Italian opera throughout the work in this absolute barn burner of a work, and to bring out the orchestral quality of the music needed."

Bach-Busoni - BWV 532, Fugue: "I came across this wonderful work randomly while watching a competition live stream, and since it is rarely seen in today's concert/competition repertoire, I realized that it'd be a great addition to my own repertoire, especially during the pandemic, where one has more time to learn pieces. This particular performance was part of a live-streamed recital I gave, for being among the 6 winners of the StayHome International Piano Competition. Here, while I strived to convey the deep organ-like sound of the original work, since this is a transcription, my main focus was to transmit the excitement and intensity that Baroque music is capable of delivering."

Stay tuned for more information about our Performance Workshop Series!

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