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Music for Film and Video Games Workshop

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Update: We would like to thank all the students, faculty, and community members that made this Zoom workshop successful! To the participants and observers, thank you for your engagement and for spending your time with us. We hope to see you at more workshops in the future!

Introducing RMS Performance Workshop Series #2 : "Music for Film and Video Games: An Insider Look into the World of Composition." Date: April 24, 2021 (Sat) Time: 10:00am to 11:30am Venue: Online on Zoom In this workshop, award-winning composer and RMS Voice and Composition faculty member Mr. André Luiz Machado will be sharing his perspectives on composing music for films, games, animation, and the concert hall. Focusing on the art of storytelling, he will talk about music techniques and approaches he uses to craft a dialogue between sound, moving picture, and narrative structure. The workshop will enhance students' creativity and contribute to how students can better interact with the sounds and music that surround them, while also shining insight on pursuing a professional career as a composer for visual media.

This workshop is suitable for all students learning any instruments, or any music lover.

Register as a Participant or Observer:

Participants submit short melody composed, and take part in live performances and interaction

Interested participants should play the first stage of "Josh Journey", newly launched on STEAM. Submit your inspiration and ideas for the music for any of the heroes in the game to Mr. Machado. During the workshop, he will share the process of how this music was composed and an insider look at the production of this game.

Or simply watch the trailer of "Josh Journey: Darkness Totems" here.

Listen to Mr. Machado's award-winning score from the animated film Saturn Voyager here.

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