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Spring Term at RMS

Chamber Ensemble Program

Richmond Music School Chamber Ensemble Program is welcoming new members to join the program from April 2022. This program runs all year round. We are welcoming pianists, violinists, cellists, and flutists who are at RCM or ABRSM grade 4 and up. There are performance opportunities in trios and quartets. Each Chamber Ensemble Group is facilitated by our strings department teachers. Learning and performing chamber music develops confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills while also developing all of the fundamental musical skills: pitch, rhythm, and tone. These abilities will transfer to solo performances and orchestral experiences, making a student a much better musician. For more information: please contact us at

RMS Outreach Programs

We are very excited to announce, RMS is now directing a Choir for Seniors at the Wisteria Place, an independent seniors’ living community in the spectacular waterfront community of Steveston, BC. Serving our community has been an important mission of RMS. Thus, this partnership aligns with our “share your music” philosophy.

This is a volunteer project by our Choir teacher Ms. Connie Lin, and Principal Karrie Tam. Any volunteers willing to help out or support by donation to this program will be very much appreciated.

At the same time, RMS continues to collaborate with our other outreach partners by sharing our RMS virtual concerts throughout the year.

Please contact for more information

School Holiday Closures

RMS School Holiday Closures:​

2021- 2022 School Year:

March 14-27: Spring Break

April 15-18: Easter Weekend

May 23: Victoria Day

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