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Summer Music Programs

Open for registration

Special Violin Workshops

Engage in a masterclass setting with Dr. Gilbert Sak, registration is open for the next workshop on August 28

Enrichment and unique opportunities


Student recitals and award competition


Ensemble and Concerto Concerts featuring student soloists


Meet the Stars Concert for award-winning students


Mock examinations and masterclasses


Affordable group violin classes and piano classes

Student and Faculty Performances

Congratulations to our students on their exams and achievements!

Spring 2021 Results

Brandon Kusec, 

First Class Honours

Nathan Li,

First Class Honours


Larry Liu,

First Class Honours


James Ng,


Marcel Potie,

First Class Honours

RCM Grade 5 Piano Exam

Student of Chee Hwa Chiang


RCM Level 8 Piano Exam    

Student of Allen Stiles


RCM Level 3 Piano Exam

Student of Alyssa Yong


ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Exam

Student of Chee Hwa Chiang

RCM Level 3 Piano Exam

Student of Michael Lum

Yusef Rahmat,


Stephanie Song,

Second Place


Sarah Wang,


Christine Xu,

First Class Honours

RCM Level 8 Piano Exam

Student of Chee Hwa Chiang


2 years study Cello, Kiwanis Class

Student of Seung Lee


RCM Level 7 Theory Exam

Student of Michael Lum


RCM Level 5 Theory Exam

Student of Sharon Kirk

Image by Dolo Iglesias

ABRSM Representative of Canada

The Richmond School of Music is proud to be the Canadian representative for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. One of four accredited music examination boards in the United Kingdom, ABRSM has a long, esteemed history and today offers music students examinations in over 93 countries. In many Commonwealth countries, ABRSM is the accepted standard of music achievement, a credential that gives students global recognition for their hard work and musical accomplishments.


Finalist_ASSOCIATION of the Year_2020.pn

2020 Association of the Year Finalist

2020 Arts Education

Award Recipient

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