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Spring Term at RMS

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

As the Winter term comes to an end, Spring term will begin April 3, 2021 at RMS, and it will be filled with exciting new workshops, programs, and concerts.

Our Friendship Concert premiered on February 13; be sure to watch it on the RMS YouTube Channel! Although we cannot perform our concerts in person, the time and effort that students and faculty poured into our online concerts are acknowledged by our local community. Thank-you letters we have received from residences such as Courtyard Gardens and Maple Residences are an indicator of the significant impact that RMS continues to achieve by sharing our music online.

Our first workshop from our Performance Workshop Series, "Secrets to Successful Online Piano Performances," hosted by Mr. Arthur Wang was a huge success! Our participants each had a chance to perform live in front of a small audience over Zoom. As Mr. Wang shared his performance experience and advice, it was amazing to see how quickly the participants learned and improved their performances with Mr. Wang's advice and suggestions. Mr. Wang also shared professional tips about microphone types, video settings, camera angles, and lighting to improve recording quality. Thank you for sharing the interesting facts and stories with us all, Mr. Wang.

Music Together® is an excellent program for early music education before formal music lessons. Our Mixed Age Class is suitable for children and adults to engage in musical fun and achieve developmental milestones. Our first term theme, "Bells," is just coming to an end, and it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces of students and parents in the class while singing and dancing. The next term "Triangle" is an all new song collection that is sure to be fun and enjoyable for all ages. Registration is now opened for Spring Term. April 10 is the first class. Don't miss the fun! Important Dates: March 15-26 SPRING BREAK April 3 - June 30 TERM 3 April 24 PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP SERIES #2 April 24 RMS SPRING CONCERT May 29 PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP SERIES #3 June 26 RMS YEAR-END GALA CONCERT

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